The Achievement Measurement 2 (AM2) – Practical Performance Assessment Test

The North West Training Council (NWTC) opened the Achievement Measurement (AM2) Test Centre in December 2007

What is the AM2 Assessment of Occupational Competence?

The AM2 Electrotechnical Assessment of Occupational Competence is designed for individuals who wish to practise either as an electrician or as a maintenance electrician. It demonstrates that they have the level of competence expected by the industry in the following key occupational areas:

  • The interpretation of specifications, drawings and diagrams.
  • Risk assessments and health and safety.
  • Planning and preparing to install, terminate and connect identified wiring systems.
  • Safe isolation.
  • Installing, terminating and connecting identified wiring systems.
  • Inspection, testing and certification.
  • Fault diagnosis and correction of electrical faults.
  • The understanding and application of industry recognised procedures, working practices and the requirements of statutory and non-statutory regulations.

The AM2 Test is designed to enable individuals to demonstrate their craft competence in specified defined subject areas that are related to duties and responsibilities associated with a competent electrician.

AM2 Tests Candidates are assessed by Qualified, competent, registered AM2 Test Examiners and each candidate has to demonstrate to the examiner that he/she possesses the required level of underpinning knowledge and practical skills to meet nationally accepted standards. In addition to this, each candidate MUST consistently show that they are competent and can demonstrate the ability to work in a safe and efficient manner and comply with all the requirements imposed by relevant Health and Safety legislation.

Satisfactory achievement of the AM2 Test will provide evidence for the Practical Performance Assessment(PPA) requirements specified in the Level 3 National Vocational Qualification (NVQ). Also it may be used to satisfy the requirements for grading and membership of the Joint Industry Board (JIB) or other similar quality control/industry recognised organisations.

Who should attend

Individuals undertaking an electrotechnical apprenticeship programme of which the AM2 assessment is a mandatory requirement.

Individuals who must provide evidence that they have met the assessment requirements of:

  • NVQ Level 3: Electrical Installation Buildings and Structures
  • NVQ Level 3: Electrical Maintenance

Or their approved additions/revisions/replacements.

Individuals who must undergo an ‘Initial Assessment’ of their current levels of competence.


Prior to taking the AM2 Assessment of Occupational Competence candidates will be expected to have carried out a self-assessment exercise to ascertain whether or not they are ready to take the assessment

When attending the assessment:

The candidate MUST present himself at the AM2 Test Centre on time and dressed in suitable and appropriate working clothes and MUST also be wearing suitable safety footwear.

Please note SHORTS or SHORT TROUSERS are NOT considered to be suitable or acceptable clothing.

The candidate MUST provide proof of identity by presenting their passport, a new style driving license with photo ID or a nationally accepted industry trade card with photo ID

Also the candidate MUST provide their NATIONAL INSURANCE NUMBER as this information is required by the JIB Marking Sheet

Candidates WILL be allowed to refer to current copies of BS7671, the ON-Site Guide and/0r Guidance Notes No3 in the specified study area and during inspection and testing assessments.

Candidates WILL NOT be allowed to refer to any unauthorised documents or publications during the tests but they may use their lunch periods to study in the refreshment/ study area.

The Candidate will be provided with all the tools needed to complete the assessment.

In Testing and Inspection the Test Instruments to be used will be provided by the centre and an explanation of the working given if required.

Each Candidate will be issued with a candidate folder which will include all the necessary instructions and result forms that have to be completed.

Copies of relevant information in BS7671,On-Site Guide and Guidance Note 3 will be available in Study Area

Recommended Books or Publications

  • The Current IEE On-Site Guide
  • The current edition of BS7671
  • The current edition of IEE Guidance Note 3
  • The HSE Guidance Notes GS38
  • The NICEIC Inspection and Testing Guide
  • The Electricians Guide by John Whitfield
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