An apprenticeship is an exciting way to get the skills and qualifications employers really want.

An alternative to sixth form or college.

Whether you are looking for a job that enables you to carry on learning, or are already in employment and want to gain further qualifications, an Apprenticeship is the option for you.  They allow you to start work and earn a wage, while learning new skills that will lead to nationally recognised qualifications.

We offer Apprenticeships in the following areas.


  • Electrical Engineering

  • Engineering Machinist

  • Fabrication/Welding

  • Maintenance Engineering

  • Motor Vehicle

  • Security Technician


  • Bricklaying

  • Plumbing

  • Electrical Installation

  • Floor Covering

  • General Construction Operative

Who can Apply?

Apprenticeships are available to anyone who has the desire and ability to succeed.

You can apply if you are

  • Leaving School

  • Leaving College

  • Already in a job and need training

What do they offer you?

  • a paid job

  • high quality training

  • recognised qualifications needed for your job

  • additional training courses or qualifications

  • other important skills such as information technology, team work and problem solving

 What qualifications will you get?

  • Apprenticeship NVQ Level 2, a Technical Certificate level 2 and Key Skills

  • Advanced Apprenticeship NVQ level 3, Technical Certificate at Level 3 and a Key Skills

    You can expect:

    • a written commitment from your employer to your training and development

    • your own training plan which clearly sets out how you will achieve your goals

    • regular meetings to discuss your progress

    • all the training, advice and help you need

What they lead to

  • An Apprenticeship can lead to an Advanced Apprenticeship or other appropriate qualifications.

  • Advanced Apprenticeships can lead to higher level or professional qualifications.

  • They can even open the way to university. 

If you are an employer and would like more information about employing an apprentice click on the Employers tab at the top of the screen.