Basic Pneumatics

  • Category: Engineering
  • Course Duration: 3 Days
  • Cost: £595.00

Designed for: 

Engineering personnel e.g. Supervisors, Craftsmen and Final Year Apprentices who are involved with the installation and maintenance of pneumatic equipment.

By combining practical circuit building with the design and drawing of pneumatic circuits, course members will be introduced to a logical approach to fault diagnosis.

Course Content:


a)  Air infeed

b)  Compressors

c)  Coolers

d)  Moisture separation

e)  Air receivers

Factory layout of air lines including:

a)  Examples of pipework and fittings

b)  Air line, filters/regulators/lubricants

Introduction to pneumatic valves and cylinders:

a)  Diagrammatic principle of valve flow, including sections through valves.

b)  Diagrammatic principle of cylinder operation including cushioning and

     speed control.

Circuit work including:

a)  Pneumatic circuit symbols B.S. 2917

b)  Design and drawings of simple circuits

c)  Building of simple circuits

d)  Introduction to multicylinder and cascade circuits

e)  Building of complex circuits

f)  Fault diagnosis

Introduction to Basic Programme Logic Control Systems (P.L.C.)

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