Basic Electrical Maintenance

Brief Description of Course

The course is of ten day's duration, the first five days concentrating on Single Phase circuits, i.e.

  • Several lighting circuits and socket circuits, taking into account the switching systems and the current rating of the cables involved
  • Testing for continuity and insulation of conductors using recognised test instruments
  • Connecting relays to operate in sequence by using standard interlocking techniques

The second half of the programme relates mainly to 3 Phase AC Induction Motors and the principal of operation, along with the methods of control. Also included is how to read circuit diagrams and the interface between Control and PLC units.

Requirements of the candidate

The course is designed around the Maintenance Fitter who requires electrical knowledge to fulfil a multi-skilling role within his company. The candidate does not require an electrical background, but it would be an obvious advantage.

Training Objectives

  • To complete the course content
  • To enable the trainee to gain sound knowledge of electrical systems used within a production environment
  • To enable the trainee, under supervision, to contribute to plant maintenance
  • To enable the company to contribute towards the trainee taking the first step on the ladder towards a recognised qualification at a later stage

Course Content

  • Induction
  • Discuss 10 day programme
  • Legislation
  • Basic electrical principles
  • AC/DC generation & distribution
  • Single Phase suppliesLighting circuits
  • Socket circuits
  • Use of meter for testing circuits
  • Practical use of relays
  • Transformer principals and practical application
  • Three Phase supplies
  • AC Induction Motors
  • Motor control circuits including:
    • DOL
    • Forward & Reverse
    • Remote & Star / Delta
  • Protective devices to include:
    • Fuses
    • Circuit breakers
    • RCD & overloads
  • Cables – current ratings
  • Safety switches and uses
  • PECs & proximity switches operation
  • Fault finding systems
  • How to read wiring diagrams

Practical Work Programme

Week 1

Single Phase Supplies

  • 13 Amp plug / braided cable
  • Lighting circuit using junction box
  • Lighting circuit using loop-in system
  • 2-way lighting circuits
  • 2-way plus intermediate
  • 3-gang switching system
  • 20 Amp radial circuit
  • 32 Amp ring circuit
  • 32 Amp ring circuit with spur
  • Use of meters for testing continuity & insulation
  • Operation of fluorescent fitting
  • Coaxial cable with plug and socket
  • Introduction to relays-sequence control

Week 2

Three Phase Supplies

  • Introduction to relays-sequence control
  • 3 Phase motor control using DOL
  • DOL with remote using crabtree starter
  • DOL – forward and reverse
  • DOL using square 'D'
  • DOL with remote using square 'D'
  • Sequence motors using square 'D' auxilary contact
  • Wire up control panel
  • Star/Delta starters
  • 1 Phase motors
  • DC motors
  • Inverters/frequency control
  • Introduction to proximity detectors
  • Use of multimeters
  • Isolation
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