Apprentice Recruitment Service

North West Training Council provide a comprehensive recruitment Service. We have over 800 potential young apprentices currently on our database. These learners have just left school and are looking to NWTC to find them employment in the following areas.


Electrical Engineering
Engineering Machinist
Maintenance Engineering
Motor Vehicle
Security Technician


Electrical Installation
Refridgeration & Air Conditioning
Gas Fitting

All the learners currently with us have been tested and given a preliminary interview.

We have information files on each learner for you to study prior to interviewing.

If you provide us with details of the type of apprenticeship vacancy you have and the kind of person (with qualifications) you are looking for, we will ensure we choose the best candidate for you.

When you select your apprentice, we will place them on a registered training programme to NVQ Level 2 or 3. We will provide a full monitoring service, and one of our Training Officers will visit your learner on a regular basis providing you with a constant update of their training.

Considering employing an apprentice? Complete this form including your phone number and we will get in touch to discuss your requirements.